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Jo Ann Brown's A Hope For Healing


Sometimes the greatest act of courage is trusting your heart...

After loving and losing the perfect husband, widow Rosemary Mishler can't imagine ever marrying again. Yet the small Amish community of Bliss Valley keeps playing matchmaker—and the arrival of newcomer Gideon Wingard only makes things worse. But when a little Englisch girl is abandoned in her kitchen and discovered to be her late husband's child, Rosemary realizes that her perfect husband clearly had some secrets of his own...

Gideon left his community to escape the matchmakers—only to stumble upon more. And he can't quite steel himself against the pull of Rosemary's somber gray eyes and his need to help her with the small kind who's been left to her care. With his feelings for Rosemary and the little girl growing stronger every day, Gideon can see himself putting down roots in Bliss Valley. But is the hope of love enough for him to plan a future...and a family?

Ebook and Trade Paperback available on July 18, 2023 at Amazon.


Jo Ann Brown's A Search for Redemption

jo ann brown's a promise of forgiveness photoSECRETS OF BLISS VALLEY #3: A SEARCH FOR REDEMPTION

Bestselling author Jo Ann Brown returns to the Amish community of Bliss Valley, where finding a new beginning means facing the past...

After losing both her fiancé and the happy life she anticipated, Amish maedel Grace Coffman is still stitching the pieces of her life back together. But between working in a quilting shop with an unscrupulous Englisch boss and caring for her ill parents, her threads keep unraveling. At first, the arrival of a kind, attractive stranger feels like a coincidence. But the more Grace learns about Joel Beachy and his story, the more their meeting seems like providence...

Joel's return to Bliss Valley—and the Plain people—is his last chance to redeem a life filled with missteps. Yet in Grace, Joel finds something he never imagined: trust, courage and even the possibility of hope. When Grace suddenly finds herself the guardian of her nephews, Joel sees an opportunity to keep two wayward boys from repeating his mistakes. But Joel's dark past isn't quite finished with him. And now he must pray that his new life is strong enough to withstand the pending storm of trouble...and secrets.

Available in paperback exclusively at Walmart starting May 24, 2022.
Ebook and audiobook available on August 23, 2022 at Amazon.
Trade Paperback available on August 23, 2022 at Amazon


Jo Ann Brown's A Promise of Forgiveness

jo ann brown's a promise of forgiveness photoSECRETS OF BLISS VALLEY #2: A PROMISE OF FORGIVENESS

Every little secret is a chain to the past...

For Amish widow Naomi Ropp, moving back to her parents' Bliss Valley home—with her boisterous twin toddler boys—is a chance to start over and bury the painful secrets of her marriage forever. But her life is turned upside down once again when she learns she's not the only one hiding things. The parents she believed were always open and honest have been keeping a secret her whole life. And now her only confidant is her father's new employee—a handsome Amish man who was once her childhood tormentor.

Samuel King knows more than anyone should about mistakes—and the way he treated Naomi is at the top of his list. But the shock of seeing her pretty face again is quickly overshadowed when they find a slumbering boppli abandoned on his porch. Caring for the sweet newborn together is finally bringing some peace to their troubled pasts. But when a spark leads to growing feelings as they start to look toward the future, Samuel must find a way to convince Naomi to trust the man he's become...and the promise of new love.

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Nov 30, 2021 – Paperback available exclusively at Walmart!
Feb 22, 2022 – (All formats)


Jo Ann Brown's A Wish For Home


Caught between who she is...and who she was.

Lauren Nolt hasn't forgiven the Amish community of Lancaster County for shunning her parents. But returning as a successful Englischer working for large developers is just what she needs to get a promotion and give her parents the life they deserve. Coming face-to-face with her childhood bully, Amish widower Adam Hershberger, is the last thing she wants. Yet when her world's shaken by a shocking discovery, Adam's the only one she can confide in...

Adam's never forgiven himself for the part he played in Lauren's past, nor what drove him to do it. But as developers threaten his great-grossdawdi's farm, she's the only one who can help. And with his little girl determined to bring him and Lauren together at every turn, keeping his distance is impossible. Now they must learn to trust each other—even as their secret feelings grow stronger. But is love enough to bridge the gap between their very different worlds?

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reviews of jo ann brown's books

"A Wish for Home is a moving, fast-paced story about family, secrets, misunderstandings, and figuring out what matters most. This stirring romance is sure to capture readers' hearts." -- Suzanne Woods Fisher is the best selling author of Mending Fences

"Jo Ann Brown delivers a thrilling story filled with authentic Amish details, plot twists, wonderful characters and a satisfying romance." —Patricia Davids

"Jo Ann Brown provides a lovely treat for readers with A Wish for Home, a delightful story of two opposites thrown together on a stormy night in Amish country. With a deft touch, Brown draws the contrast between Lauren, an ambitious advertising executive, and Adam, an Amish widower intent on raising his small daughter. Heartfelt and genuine, Brown takes readers along with her characters on the difficult and challenging road to home." —Marta Perry, author of A Springtime Heart

"Jo Ann Brown's writing is both powerful and charming. She provides a respite from the cares of the day and gives the invitation to join her for a journey of peace that lingers in the heart." —Kelly Long

"An Amish tale that is anything but plain and simple."USA TODAY bestselling author Vannetta Chapman

"A wonderful ride through Amish country filled with adventure and surprises. Jo Ann Brown's characters and story are sure to touch your heart."USA TODAY bestselling author Rachel J. Good

"A heartwarming, richly layered story of love and loss, betrayal and redemption with well-crafted characters. Readers of Amish fiction will love A Wish for Home by Jo Ann Brown." —Mary Ellis, author of Nothing Tastes So Sweet

"In A Wish for Home, Jo Ann Brown weaves an intriguing story that readers of Amish fiction are sure to enjoy. A book about finding oneself, learning to forgive, and discovering the things that really matter in life—faith, hope, and love." —Jennifer Spredemann

"A Wish for Home by Jo Ann Brown is a beautiful story of forgiveness and letting go of the past to return home. I really enjoyed this sweet, emotional story. I promise it will touch your heart!" —Lenora Worth, author of Seeking Refuge